​HungryCat is a dexterity and puzzle mobile game, in which you control the rat with your finger, to feed the hungry cat in the level. Each level has a certain set of obstacles that the rat needs to overcome to feed the cat food, within the stipulated, with an added challenge of collecting all the stars.


Development: The game was developed in XCode using Swift 4.

Features Implemented: I was responsible for:

  1. The movement of the main character, the rat block. It required me to move the rat using touch, such as it would not move through objects, and physics to be correctly implemented.

  2. Implementation of different layer masking as certain objects are allowed to move through certain areas, while a lot of others are not.

  3. Implementation of buttons to use an elevator that can be activated only by the "chocolate" block.

  4. Counting of stars in each level, and saving the data such as we can see our best score.

  5. Save and load game data.