DreaMeScape is a Turn-Based experimental Strategy game, in which you take control of 5 kids with different skills and personalities, to overcome their fantasies, to eventually overcome their inner weaknesses.

Development: The game is being developed in Unity3D using the C# programming language.

Features Implemented: I am responsible for the initial framework of the game, repository management, and the following features:

  1. Setting up the game board with all the pieces in their initial positions.

  2. The AI of pirates that have behaviors such as patrol, target the closest player piece, group up and restrain a particular player piece,  block a certain a path, or flee.

  3. Implementation of cannons that involve showing its radius, changing the mouse cursor to a crosshair to indicate it being selected, showing the charges by showing the number of cannonballs beside it, and usage of cannons to damage pirates.

  4. The character ability visuals on the game board.

  5. The camera focus on pirates during their turn.

  6. The billboarding of the sprites.